Sulfuric Acid Recovery

Phoenix Systems, Inc. manufactures highly-efficient and cost-effective sulfuric acid recovery systems.  Our exclusive “Phoenix Cold Process” effectively removes more iron from the spent pickling liquor than conventional acid recovery system processes.  As a consequence, the recovered acid is much more reactive which pickles the steel more quickly and thoroughly. The result is shorter pickling times, improved quality and increased product throughput.  Process improvement increases output and reduces the cost per ton of the finished product.

Phoenix Systems Sulfuric Acid Removal Equipment

Phoenix Systems provides sulfuric acid recovery systems for ferrous-metal finishers, which include galvanizing plants, wire mills, steel tube manufacturers, and custom galvanizing plants. Our customer base is in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Australia.

Phoenix Systems equipment is environmental equipment; it is also “process equipment”. Our high-quality systems increase profitability by helping our clients reuse their sulfuric acid, maintaining a consistently high-quality acid bath while reducing waste and energy costs.

Our recently introduced “Phoenix Cold Process” utilizes our proprietary carbon/fluoropolymer heat exchanger, which provides a broader range of heating and cooling in the acid recovery process. The Phoenix Cold Process removes significantly more iron than conventional higher-temperature acid recovery systems.

The removal of more iron from the pickling solution results in a more reactive acid, which reduces the steel soaking time and increases product throughput. The manufacturing process also benefits from the more reactive acid which will begin to chemically de-sludge the iron oxide (FeO) in the sludge blanket at the bottom of the acid tank. This also benefits the tank heating system, as the reduced iron levels in the solution minimize the possibility of ferrous sulphate monohydrate build-up on the internal heat exchangers of the operating acid tank.

See our “Cold Process”, presented at the 2013 American Galvanizing Association Tech Forum in Montreal.

With increased throughput, reduced energy costs and less waste, Phoenix Systems can help your manufacturing process become more profitable. To find out more, contact Phoenix Systems now.