Acid Recovery

Utilizing our proprietary, non-stick H2 Conductive Tubing Heat Exchangers, Phoenix’s Acid Recovery Systems offers the best fluoropolymer heat transfer available.  Phoenix Systems offers our Phoenix COLD Process and our Phoenix CONVENTIONAL Acid Recovery System.

Efficiency of cooling of any heat exchanger is dictated by the Heat Transfer Coefficient, which is further affected by conductivity, flow intensity, and the coating of the tube surfaces and subsequent crystal build-up.

  • Our H2™ Conductive Tubing, 2.6 times more conductive than other fluoropolymer tubing, which provides a heat transfer rate similar to steel without the corrosion attack susceptibility.
  • Unlike other plastic or metal heat exchangers, our non-stick tubing inhibits the build-up of sludge and foulants that dramatically reduce heat transfer efficiency. Our non-stick tubing also allows for easy crystal and sludge removal with either a steam or hot water rinse.
  • Our design prevents crystal bridging and allows for vigorous fluid flow between the tubes. Unlike small diameter tubing, there is no bundling that restricts flow.
  • Our heat exchangers are designed to allow for ample spacing between the tubes. For our higher volume plants, we have introduced two new frames with added spacing in length only, or length and width combined.

Heat Exchanger tubing is easy-to-repair and has no weld joints.