Conventional ARS

Recognizing that not all plants can take advantage of the Phoenix’ Cold Process, we continue to offer our Conventional Acid Recovery System.  Many of the chillers in older plants are only capable of chilled water temperatures of 35°F – 43°F, and finished acid temperature from 50° F – 65° F. 

Phoenix Systems Centrifuge
Phoenix Systems Conical Tank and Centrifuge

The Phoenix Conventional Acid Recovery System is a perfect alternative for plants that have time or budgetary constraints. Our conventional acid recovery system still utilizes our H2CT heat exchanger. This heat exchanger offers the benefit of non-stick tubing, which specifically minimizes crystal build-up on the tubing. Crystal build-up on heat exchangers inhibits heat transfer, which negatively impacts acid recovery.  Our tubes are spaced for ease in cleaning; no weld joints make stronger tube, and are easy-to-repair.

Flow Meters and Pump
Flow Meters and Pump