FEP Heat Exchanger

FEP Heat Exchangers can be used in acid recovery systems, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric pickling tanks, as well as zinc ammonium chloride flux tanks. The FEP tubing is durable, non-stick and withstands crystal blasting.  The FEP Heat Exchanger shares the same non-stick properties of all of our heat exchangers.

For plants with economy in mind, we recommend our FEP Heat Exchanger. The FEP tube coil design does not have weld joints, has better heat transfer efficiency than the relatively densely packed polyethylene or polypropylene designs, is more durable, and discourages the build-up and bridging of particulates that restrict flow. Unlike polypropylene, FEP is non-stick, as are all our Heat Exchangers.

Our FEP Heat Exchangers compete very effectively with polypropylene or polyethylene offerings, ours being a little more conductive and non-stick.  Considering extended processing cycles before “hot cycle”, the FEP is far more effective with non-stick Teflon™.  FEP is much more durable and has a much longer operating life than polypropylene and polyethylene.  If a tube fails, it is a simple repair with commonly available plastic fittings.  These exchangers are very cost competitive.